As many as 80% of people with COVID-19 aren’t aware they have it.

Stop wondering and gain peace of mind. Schedule your COVID Truth™ Test now.

  • Receive the nation’s most accurate COVID-19 testing available
  • Get results in 2 days on your mobile device (after your test day)
  • Provided by Genotox labs, a decade-long, national leader in clinical lab testing
  • Best-in-class lab equipment for accurate Coronavirus testing
Step 1 - Payment
Step 1 - Payment

$130 up front1, recoverable through insurance2

Step 2 - Schedule Your Test
STEP 2 - Schedule Your Test

Drive In and Be Swabbed

Step 3 - Get The Truth™
STEP 3 - Get The Truth™

Test Results in 2 Days

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Never leave your car. Results in 2 days after receiving your test.

Highest Accuracy

The most accurate COVID-19 test available (RT-PCR)3

Transparent Pricing

One price, paid in advance, that’s it, no surprises2

Fast Results

Results within 2 days of swab collection*


  • This COVID-19 test uses sophisticated genetic analysis instruments operated by skilled technicians under the supervision of experienced PhDs in a CLIA certified Clinical Laboratory to detect the presence or absence of viral RNA. The test is conducted using the accepted gold standard for virus detection RT-PCR.
  • A positive on the test indicates the presence of viral RNA or genetic material of SARS-CoV-19 virus that causes COronaVIrus Disease (COVID-19.)
  • A negative test result means there is no detectable virus present.
  • No. An antibody test is used to determine the presence or absence of two antibodies associated with your bodies attempt to fight off or kill the SARS-CoV-19 virus. You should consult your Healthcare Provider if you want an antibody test.
  • There are a growing number of sites currently offering COVID-19 testing via TRUTH. Use the map above to find the nearest active location.
  • A Healthcare Provider referral is not necessary. If you intend to submit the cost of the test to your health insurance plan for reimbursement you will need a licensed healthcare provider to order the test for you.
  • $130. The TRUTH approach is to make the cost for a laboratory test fully transparent, so you pay one time and that’s it, never any surprise bills or extra costs.

Receive the nation’s most accurate COVID-19 testing available. Get results in 2 days on your mobile device (after your test day). 1. Medicare patients who are getting the COVID-19 test (Corona Virus) for medical necessity reasons must use their insurance. 2. You may be able to recover some or all of the price you paid by submitting the costs along with the documentation of medical necessity for the testing directly to your Health Insurance company. 3. Click here for more information on the RT-PCR diagnostic test.